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INFOSYS Placement Paper

The papers are just to give you an idea. Many times the actual question papers are not available. THese are contributed by the persons who give the papers. Many times they dont remember the questions exactly. So the questions are not in order. Anyways they are more than enough to give you an idea of the placement process and questions. Good Luck!!

The questions are not in order. 1)A,B,C,D,E related.4 of them made these statements each. i)C is my son in law s brother. ii)B is my father s brother. iii)E is my mother in law. iv)A is my brother s wife. who made these statements?(person mentioned is one of A,B,C,D,E)(10 mar ks). 2)e means belong. All members of E e D. All members of D e A. Not all members of D e E. Not all members of A e D. All members of C e both A and B.some questions are asked about relation n.use Venn diagram.(5 marks). 3) Complete the table. Played won lost draw goals goals for against A 2 2 1 B 2 1 2 4 C 2 3 7 A,B,C are 3 hockey teams.(2 marks). 4) A says Party was held on :Thursday ,May 8th. B says Party was held on :Tuesday,May 10th. C says party was held on :Friday ,June 8th. Given April 1 st was Tuesday.one of A,B,C says 1 correct.one says 1 wrong.and one was completely wrong of date,Month and day. Find the Day the party held. (5marks). 5) A ship is away from the shore by 180 miles.A plane is travelling at 10 times speed of the ship.How long from the shore will they meet? (2marks) 6) Every station in N railroad issue everyother station s ticket. some stations are added.Now they have to issue 46 more tickets. say the No.of stations after and before added.(5 marks). 7) 3 persons say these statements. A says either Democratic or liberal wins the elections. B says Democratic wins.C says neither democratic nor liberal wins The election.of these only one is wrong.who wins the election? (5 marks). 8) A clock showing 6 o clock takes 30 secs to strike 6 times.How long will it take to strike 12 at midnight?Ans.66 secs.(2marks) 9) Only boys aged > 16 wear coats. Boys aged > 15 go to watch football.some more statements are given. What can be said about those who are watching football ? (age and costume) (5 marks). 10) There are 3 societies A,B,C having some tractors each. A Gives B and C as many tractors as they already have. After some days B gives A and C as many tractors as they have. After some days C gives A and B as many tractors as they have. Finally each has 24 tractors.what is the original No.of tractors each had in the beginning? Ans.A -39. B- 21. C- 12.(7 marks). 11) 4,5 statements.From that find the answer.(7 marks). Reference books 1.) Puzzles and teasers by summer s 2.) Shakuntala Devi. (puzzles).


Paper consists of two sections :
1. analytical (20 marks)
2. C skills (20 marks) total time 45 min

1. Given a cube, with different colors on its faces, and then is cut into 64 pieces, and the questions relate to the colors of different colored small cubes.
2. A few ladies and gents sit around table in some given order and 4 questions are about their seating arrangement with some restrictions.
3. Draw a venn diagram for 3 items : white, flowers, cloth
Ans : draw 3 circles each intersecting the other , with white kept in the middle.
4. A problem related to seating arrangement of 4 people ( 2 ladies and 2 gents) with some restrictions
5. problem related to milk with water added to it for three times
Ans: 20.5 litres
6. Problem related to diagrams . Five diagrams were given and asked to find the sixth one.

1. Max number of nodes in a binary tree with height 3 is 20 :
Ans: False
2. 10,20,30,40,50,60 : give the order when put in a queue and in a stack
Ans : Queue : 10,20,30,40,50,60 stack : 60,50,40,30,20,10
3. Debugging is the process of finding
Ans : logical and runtime errors
4. trace the error: void main(){ int &a; /* some other stuff here */ }
Ans: syntax error
5. a problem with a function named myValue will be given and asked to find the value of main() for an argument of 150,
Ans : 150
6. Some problems related to for loops.
7. problem on conditional inclusion.
8. problem related to depth first and breadth first search (DSA subject)
9. study the syntax of malloc function
10. locate the error int arr (20);
Ans: syntax error.

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