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MICROSOFT Placement and HR interview previous question papers :


These are some of the questions asked in Microsoft Hyd Interview

X 1)reverse the given n-bit unsigned integer?
I mean if 1011 is the i/p then o/p=1101
Time copmlexity should be as small as possible...

X 2)Given 10 points, Asked me to arrange those 10 points so that
I have to draw five straight lines and each straight line should
have 4-points

X 3) write Open Hashing code with doubly linked list

X 4)To see my coding style asked me to write linked list reversal program

5)Asked About My Project...(about 1hour)

6)Given an Array of integers as the input asked me to find out
smallest subset of the array such that the sum of the all the elements
of that subset array should be all the subsets...

X7)To Give design aspects of writting a software for a car which will
be driven by the blind people.

X 8)Given a character array which has one word asked me to reverse that word.

X 9)Given a character array which has "x" no of words, asked me to reverse them

10)Asked me to write all the test cases for the above.

X 11)A Desert has 1000KM legnth, A Camel and 3000 bananas are there at one end
problem is you have to get as many bananas as possible to the other end
by that camel.
camel constraints...
1) It will eat 1 banana for each kilometer even if it
is not carrying any bananas(i.e it needs on banana
for just to walk 1km)
2) It cannot carry more than 1000 bananas.

12) Given a two dimensional array of size mxn, Problem is to take each
and every cell, as there are 8 directions to travel from that cell
one right, two left, three up, four down, other four are through
four diagnols. except at the boundaries(<> print all ths words.

13) write all the different test cases for the above....

14) One function which was written by somebody else? that function spec
says the following.

takes a two dimensional array as the input which has "N" no of words
and "M" no of non-words...
that function returns the no of words.

given two cases of inputs...
1) array has 32words and 32 non words]
2) array has 30 wrods and 34 non words
out of these two which case is better and why?

15) Given the Robo which has PC interface via the following 3 functions

1) bool is_ther_any_step(bool);
sees any step above if the argument is true and returns true
if step exists above ti it.
sees any step below to it if the argument is false and returns

2) goto_next_step(bool )
Goes to next upper step if the argument is true
if the argument is true and no above step then robo gets damaged

Goes to down step if the argument is false...

3) Clean_floor()...
cleans that step by pouring water,cleaning and drying..

write the program to clean a stair case in any building...

tricky problem

Keep watching for more entrance, school boards, companies and hr interview placement questions previous papers. Good Luck!!

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