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IBM Placement Paper 1

IBM@ REC Durgapur

IBM, Written test, 2000 (Rec Durgapur)
1. There are 12 persons seated in a room. If one half of the people belongto group A, one third belong to group B and one forth belong to both thegroups. How many dont belong to any group. ---5.

2. 1/5 is what part of 2/3 ans 3/10

3. A train passes a point in 20 secs and crosses a bicycle moving inopposite direction with a speed of 8 m/s in 15 secs. What is the length ofthe train?
ans 480m

4. A freight train starts from a station.After two hours a passenger traintravelling with a speed of 60mph.starts from the same station.both thetrains meet after four hours after the departure of the passengertrain.what is the speed of the freight train?
ans 40mph
5. A tank has a capacity of 3750cu.m. there r two taps fixed on it,onefilling the tank at 800cu m/min and second tap emptying at a rate of 300 cum/min.if the two taps r opened sccessively for one minute each,then afterhow much time the tank gets completely filled?
ans 14 5/16

6.The contract for painting three houses is given to three people.a canpaint each house in 6 days,b in 8 days & c in 12 days.a starts the work &continues for 8 days,b continues the work for 6 days then in how many days ccan finish the work?
ans 11

7.One edge of a square is the centre of a circlewith the two sides adjoiningthe edge of the square becoming the radii of the cirle.if the length of thearc described by the two radii(the two sides of the square)is 2 units.whatis the perimeter of the square.
ans 16 /PI OR 56/11
8. AB is perpendicular to BC, bc perpendicular to CD AB=8 cm BC=5 cm CD=4 cm
what is the shortest distance from A to D?
ans SQRT(41) OR 13

9. If 6 squares of equal size are placed side by side to form a rectangle ofperimeter 294cm, find the perimeter of each square.
ans 84

10.What is the length of a parrallelopiped of sides 3,4,7cms.
ans SQRT(74)

11.Correct definition of pi is
a. 3.14
b. 3.141257
d.ratio of circumferance and diameter
e. none of the above
ans D.

12.A fooball team played 60 matches out of which 30% were won by them. Ifthey start winning all the next matches after how many matches will theaverage winning rate be 50%
ans 24 MORE

13. Difference of ages of 2 persons is 9 and difference of squares of theages is 459. What is the age of the older person.
ans 30

14. There is a rectangular field of 110x70 cm size. If it is to be fencedsuch that the fence is placed alternative with a gap of 10cm and the fenceshould be present at the four corners. taking $2 per cm of fence. Find thecost of fencing.
ans 72 OR 400(????)

15. the figure having one line of symmetrya. squareb. equilateral triangle.c. isosceles triangled. rectangleans C

16. Which is greater?a. 0.3b. (0.3)^.5c. 2/5
ans B

17. If there are persons named 1 to n. If each person handshakes with allother persons whose no. is more than him, then how many handshakes arepossible.
ans N(N-1)/2

18. maximum value of 3x^2-4x+7

19. For travelling from A to C there are three choices
1. through a bridge from A to C of 20 miles length having a toll of 75centsper person
2. through a tunnel from A to C of 10 miles length having a toll of 25 centsper person
3. a toll free highway from A to B(eastwards)of 20 miles and then B to C(north west) 10 miles
which will be most economical?

20.if he wanna reach earliest what will he choose?

21. If the employer of a firm going from A to C deducts some % of his basicsalary which he will choose(what factor will influence his preference)
bridge with less traffic
cost of gasolenecost of toll on three modes

22.What is the shortest mode of travel from B to C

23. What is the number of multiplications u have to undergo to multiply two
2x2 matrices
ans 8

24. What is the angle subtended by the hands of a clock when it is quaterpast one

25. If a particle is moving in a circle with const angular velocity then
a. radial acc. =0 tangential acc. =0
b. <>0 =0
c. =0 <>0
d. <>0 <>0
ans C

# what does > and >> signify in UNIX?
# int n;
What does this program do?
a. calculates the factorial for n<0
b. calculates the factorial for n>0
c. b is right if the foll is added

#Which one is not an aspect of relational database
a. tree like structures
b. records
c. fields
d. tables
ans A

# If right to left operation is done instead of left to right then find thevalue of
ans 9

# What is the difference between Dos in windows and DOS in MS-DOS mode?
they occupy diff. memory
they are same
windows can access some special files

#char. of RAM
finite,temporary and fast

# main()
int num[6]={2,3,4,18,44,17
ans 17 17

# n=5
for(i=1;i < n;i++)
ans=junk value

#main advantage of using pointers?
ans=pointers can be used to return more than one value from a function

#what is the main aspect of computers over calculators
a. computers are complex to understand
b. computers are huge and expensive
c. more than one person can work on a compu
d. compu can perform logical calculations as well as arithmatic
ans D.

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