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Accenture 5th april placement paper pune


Total appeared (from all colleges) 1150 aptitude- 209 , finally - 55.

1ST SECTION : (English Language Placement Paper questions)
Q1-Q3--> preposions:- type:
He was charged ....... murder of mr. ram. (with,for,of,none)
Q4-Q6---> articles:- type:
.....erred light gives me.... creeps. (an,no article), (the,a) ,(an,the)
Q7-Q10 ---> synonyms : type:
He has VIVID memories of his college life. bright ,clear, dull
A paragraph on HUMAN COMPUTER interface was given. Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

Q16-Q20 Another paragraph was given & questions were asked from that.

SECTION 2: (Mathematics Placement Paper Questions) (Q21-Q30)
Q.21 If 3 chocolates, 2 cake & 1 icecream costs $24. and 7 chocolates 4 cakes & 2 ice cream costs $64. Wat is the cost of 1 chocolate
a.16 b.14 c.8 d.24
solution: 2nd data is just double except 1 choclate extra. So result is 64 - (24*2) = 16
Q22. ratio of girls is to boys in a class 4:5 . There are total 4100 books each girl gets 100 books extra, now find how many books each girl gets.
a.300 b.700 c. 400 d. none
Q23 The present population of a town is 60000. It grows at a rate of 6% evry year. At the end of 2nd year 4500 leave the town . Find the population after 3rd yr.

SECTION 3: (Reasoning Questions): Q31-40
i've left dese 10 qs for last.. dese included reasoning...
Q40-Q50: (simple)
1 if 1st $ 3rd are similar
2 if 2nd & 3rd are similar
3 if 1st & 4th are similar
4 in all other options

Q1. kkkjjhydd 2. kkkjhhydd 3. kkkjjhydd
Q1. 5.023375 2. 5.032275 3. 5.023335
Q if * means -. + means * , - means / , / means + find the value of 7+8*3/5-3
Q51-Q55: A person can be left by police if he has
1. Driving licence
2. Age is more than 21 yrs on 1st july 2007
3. He owns a car

He is reffered 2 RTO if he satisfies only 1st condition
He is fined 100 if he satisfies 2nd condition.
In all other cases he is prosecuted.

Q Mohan has a driving licence, he has a black safari SUV
1.He is left 2. He is reffered to RTO 3.He is fined 100 4.Data is insufficient.
answer. 4

There are 2 sets of papers.
Aptitude section of the placement paper is not difficult. Just study thoroughly the rs aggarwal solved problems like verbal, non verbal, reasoning, english language, mathematics questions, etc.

It was believed that group discussion or gd round is the toughest of all the rounds but i was not much tough really. The interviewers were
nice guys. The topic for the group discussion was Reservation. Yes, reservation should be there but not on the basis of religion or caste, it must be on the basis of economic condition. Just dont be too much aggressive. Be cooperative and show team work ability. Good communication skills are important of course.

Other group discussion topics for Accenture Placement Paper: BRAIN-DRAIN, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, IMPORTANCE OF END, ROLE OF MEDIA. See the Group Discussion complete Guide

The girls are first interviewed in the HR or technical interviews. Their test is finished mostly before much darkness.

The man was of abt 40 - 45 years age.
Tech: Tell me about yourself
me: Told my present status , form were did i pass 10th & 12th, my Hobbies, My strengths
tech: Give an instance of your strength.
me: Prepare it in advance.
tech: What is networking?
me: Told
tech: How it is implemented..?
By the OSI model and all that.
tech: What will happen if there is no application layer.
me: No idea.

tech: What do you find most difficult in programming ?

tech: LINUX is an OS. I'm asking abt programming..

Whats the difference between DOS and LINUX.. What is Multithreading, Multitasking , How is kernel important, How it works?
tech: How do you rate yourself in C language?

tech: what are different types of sortings. Which is the best one?
me: Insertion, selection, bubble, quick, merge. Quick is best..
tech: why quick?
me: No idea.

tech : ok Do you have any questions?

prepare for this too. You can see our human resource HR Interview Placement Questions guide

The interviewer was a smart lady of age about 25 - 30 years.

HR: (After hand shake, smiling) How r u..??
me: I am too fine.

HR: Why too fine?
HR: Because i have made it to the HR Interview.

HR: ok tell me about yourself.
me: same as with technical.
HR: Who is the IT competitor of India?
me: China
HR: China?
me: Its a threat to india.
HR: Who is the current threat?
me: (No idea) Singapore
HR: may be Malaysia, UK, Phillipines or Hungary.
me: mam i am not sure.
HR: What is your stand on Indo-China relationship ?
Me: Tell that China is the leader in hardware manufacturing and India is growing fast in Information technology. There is great scope for synergies between the two. (If u want to be in favour of India-China relationship)

If u want to be against, then say that India should not try to help china in its IT Information technology initiatives rather learn try to learn from its hardware manufacturing expertise. Chinese imports are killing indian industry. Indian companies should stop opening training centres for english, IT, software in china. We should never teach our competitors. CHINA will never do this! In fact they are our rivals, they claim our land and organise infiltrations sometimes as shown on TV. So i am totally against any assistance or preference provided by india to china.
HR: ( Degree final Project related interview question )You have done mini project.What was ur role.
me: Tell that you were the main performer. Prepare about your project completely. Any technical or related project questions can be asked. See our technical interview questions guide here.
HR: About your family background.
HR: Do you have any other offers?
me: No mam
HR: Ok, thanks. (Hand shake again takes place)

And i was finally selected. Trust God and prepare well. You will be selected. Good luck!

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