Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Accenture Placement Paper 4

The written exam was very easy .go through only 2-3 previous papers and that will be sufficient ,Paper will be easy but cut off will be high around 44/50 ,but seriously the paper will be so easy that one can even sit idle for some time ,like i did. U will have to write a letter on a given topic as well, mine was Three Priorities if i become the P.M of India. Next Round will be the main elimination round, from my group 4 got through the GD out of 11,Key to clear it Good communication skills, does not mean very good vocabulary Around 2 worth points on the topic Allow others to participate as well ,2 valid points from one candidate will be good enough Dont worry if u do not get an oppurtunity to start or conclude My topic Was ----; Professional VS personal lifeWell then if you get through u will face Technical,
It depends the way u start , a good start means a lot .My technical Interview went for hardly 5 min. But for some it was for 20-30 min HR Interview will not be that easy and for sure not a formality, so be prepared for that .Puzzles wont be there, the madam who took my interview tried a lot to break me down , i mean tried to make me bit nervous but the only thing ids You need to be confident.. And certainly you will make through

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