Monday, March 17, 2008

Oracle Latest Sample Question Paper - 4

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This is the oracle paper held on July 13 2003 at NITK Surathkal. The test has 2 sections : 30 technical and 30 aptitude and 60 min time. Technical section: its very easy any one can answer 25 qns without preperation. some are

How compiler treats variables of recursive functions

What is orthogonal matrix?

Given two tables and asked 2 qns on those table ,

One is on join and another is on NOT IN

Given some qns on pointers( pretty easy)

Given five qns on data structures like , lifo, fifo

Qtn on primary key

How NULL in sql is treated?

Given a doubly linked list and asked r->left->right->data ans: r->data

Explain const char *ptr and char *const ptr

Remaining i didn`t remember

What is the output of the following program?
( Sorry Not available )

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