Saturday, February 2, 2008

Infosys Placement Paper 12



I.there are 6 operations performed to manufacture a computer chip. a,b,c,d,e and f
conditions given
1 only a,b and d are the first opration to be performed
2. operation f is performed immediately after a
3. operation c is performed after f
4. operation e is performed immediately after c

1 If operation a is performed at the third postion then how many combinations are possible
2. if operation b is performed first then how many combinations are possible
3. if c and e operations are replaced by a single operation g then the total no of possibilities are reduced or increased compared to the previous possibilities
4 if operation a is performed first then how many possible combinations are possible
5 if operationm a costs 1, b costs 2, c costs 3 and so on.. then wat will be the manufacturing cost of 81 chips
for the above questions 4 choices were given

II 5 questions to find the missing diagram in series.
four options were given

III Pie chart diagram and 5 questions with four options

IV Blood relations
A is a farmer and he has two sons and a daughter
D is a unmarried daughter
E is a lawyer and brother of C
B is a teacher and wife of C

1. How many unmarried persons are there in family
2. Who is the married family
3. whose occupation is not known
4. how many womens are there in the family
5. who are the sons of a

V Data sufficiency as in rs agarwal or other cat books
VI they will give two statements like
a. Some cats are dogs
b. Some dogs are horses
an d then they will give two statements like
A.Some horses are dogs
B.all cats are horses

and u have to say whether
I) A is correct
II)B is correct
III) Both A and B are correct
IV) None of them are correct

Thus 5 questions were given like this. Similar type of questions are available in any cat books or R s agarwal book

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