Saturday, February 2, 2008

Infosys Placement Paper 11


hi guys, this s RAGHAV... am from chennai.. i took up infosys test on 27th of feb.. getting placed in infosys is not that easy and not that difficult.. u need some efforts to be put in. but more than that, what helps u is luck.. the written part consists of two sections

REASONING (30 ques in 40 mins)
VERBAL (40 ques in 35 min)

you have to be definitely study these topics even if u leav otherss

1) puzzle test(quite easy)
2) figure series(easy)
3) data sufficiency(v v v important)
4) data interpretation( dont waste time in preparing this, cos what they gonna ask under this will be lengthy to solve n time consuming. have it as a last option)
5) logical reasoning i.e. syllogism( v easy)
6) blood relations

thats it,these r the most important topics. give more srtess on them.. for all these topics refer NON VERBAL AND VERBAL REASONING-R.S.AGARWAL

then comes the verbal one

1) 2 reading comprehension, one very very lengtht, have it as last option...
2) one statement will be given and some part will be underlined and 4 options were given.. u have to correct that sentence from the options which best suits(tricky one)
3)some small passage will be given and u have to infer somrthing 4m tat.. 4 options
4)synonyms, antonyms

so, these r the written part fomats... try to get half the marks in each section...... eg.. 15 outta 30 in reasoning and 20 outta 40 in verbal...
if u clr this, u ll be called 4 HR..... this round merely tests YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILL, how u interact. talk loudly, boldly, clearly.


1) were u confident of clearing 1st rnd?
2)did u prepare 4 infy test?
3)what books did u refer?
4)strengths and how does it suit u, just give examples(if u say positive attitude as strength, give an example 4 it)
5)wat songs u like?
6)other strenghts?
7)how do u relate it to u?
8)suppose if u rejected this time how will u react?
10)ready to go abroad?
11)they gave some puzzle to solve... they dont mind abt its solution. they just see how u PPROACH to it
12)any ques frm ur side?

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